B-Line System™

The BLine System™ is the systematic approach that we take in working with our clients to deliver solutions that are unique to their needs. We employ the same system whether we are implementing a new practice management system, billing services or electronic medical records. The BLine System™ incorporates a sizeable and growing tool box of instruments used to assist in the implementation process. The systematic approach is backed by industry knowledgeable personnel that are caring and empowered to make decisions that will move you toward a successful outcome.

The system:

  • Defined approach to analyzing the client’s needs. Needs analysis incorporates customer’s specialty specific requirements and workflow, goals, infrastructure, personnel strengths and weaknesses, perceived versus realistic budget and impediments to implementation.
  • Report back to stake holders the results of the analysis with a clear path identified for implementation
  • Detailed implementation plan and time line

The Tool Chest:

  • Defined and logical needs analysis survey centered and organized according to client specialty
  • Defined and structured implementation plan
  • Structured and well illustrated training material
  • Meaningful Use guides and training material
  • Well written self help documentation
  • Our own internal training and support team

The Process:

  • Once the implementation plan is accepted, each step of the process is clearly communicated to client
  • We work closely with the customer to ensure that they are on track and that the implementation process is being followed
  • Defined check backs with the customer to see how the plan is progressing and to make course changes when necessary

Our Company and Personnel

  • Positioned to be responsive and to provide frequent hands on touch to the process
  • We will not take on a project if we feel we do not have the expertise or resources to ensure a successful implementation
  • Extremely knowledgeable personnel with years of healthcare experience
  • Personnel that care about your success and empowered to ensure the success of the implementation

B-Line Assessments:

Outsource Billing Service
Electronic Medical Records
Practice Management Software
Practice Management and Electronic Medical Records (Integrated Suite)