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Medisoft Community User Meeting; Tuesday, February 12th

MD Solutions is very excited to announce to our Medisoft community a New User Meeting to help kick off 2013 on the right foot. The theme for this year’s event is “Practice Evolution”. The business of healthcare is evolving rapidly and we want to help our community stay ahead of the evolution as it relates to your practices.
This is our 10th hosted meeting and we are planning an action packed and informative event. There will be 2 general sessions and 6 different breakout sessions.
When: Tuesday, February 12th
Where: Denver-Cherry Creek Courtyard By Marriott
1475 S. Colorado Blvd
Denver, CO 80222
Time: 8:30 – 3:30
Fee: $25 per attendee (covers materials and lunch and refreshments)

We are very fortunate to have Tony Peterson speak to our group about McKesson’s roadmap as well as the affect healthcare reform and Obamacare will have on your patients and your practices in the near future. We are also bringing other resources to this event to share other industry insight with you.
Here are some of the general topics:

• Healthcare evolution – past and future
• PQRS – the unspoken Medicare rate reduction in 2013. Yes, your practice may be facing a rate reduction and you may not even be aware of it.
• Q & A on Medisoft regarding functionality and McKesson’s plans for the future
• Electronic Health Records (EHR) options, that fit the needs of your practice
• Preview the new Electronic Superbill. “Yes, we have an App for that”. This is a mobile app that can revolutionize your practice. This new feature is only available for Medisoft Version 18. Loading charges has never been easier. Additional information coming soon.
Here are some of the breakout sessions:

• Medisoft Clinical Meaningful Use Stage 2
• Billing Service Roundtable. This session is reserved for our Billing Services only. Meet with your peers and discuss the challenges ahead for Billing Services.
• AR Management utilizing BillFlash to get Patient Responsibility PAID timely
Get your advance reservations in by completing the attached form.

We look forward to seeing each of you on Tuesday, February 12th.

For more information or a copy of the registration please call Elizabeth in our Arvada office at 303-273-0141

Are you prepared for the worst case scenario?

Are you prepared if there is a flood in your office, how about a fire? Will your data be safe?

Your backup is one of the most important sometimes most overlooked parts of your Medical Practice Software.

Will you be able to reload from your backup and move on, or will you have to spend valuable time and money on recreating your practice software?

There are a few questions you should ask yourself to know for sure.

What media do you use to backup?
Is the backup successful EVERY night?
Does the media need to be replaced or updated?
How quickly can you restore in the event of a disaster?
Who is responsible for your backup?
Do you regularly move your backup offsite?

If you do not know the answers to these questions please give us a call and we can help you create a backup and recovery plan to have in place in case the worst happens.

Approach Goals Vs. Avoidance Goals

Have you ever become frustrated when your patients do not listen to or adhere to your health recommendations for them? Those recommendations that will help them live healthier lives, feel better, and avoid negative consequences down the line? Many doctor’s are familiar with this frustration.

Many doctors have written about why this pattern exists and what they can do about it, but recently,  Franz Wiesbauer wrote about more of the psychology behind it.

The difference is in how you word your recommendations to your patients. One type of wording creates “avoidance goals”, in which you are telling your patients that if they engage in a particular behavior, they will avoid a certain consequence. The patients sees this behavior as optional. It is almost as though they think, “If I do this, it will help, but it’s not a big deal if I don’t.”

The more effective type of working creates “approach goals.” These types of goals create the perception of immediate effects for our patients. Instead of telling your patient that doing a particular activity will prevent disease later on, you would tell them that doing that activity will create positive benefits now.

It, in actuality, simply comes down to our American mentality of instant gratification. If a patient perceives instant benefits, they will react positively and more likely engage in the behavior. If they do not, they will be more likely to put it off or disregard it altogether. This is also likely a result from a feeling of immortality and invincibility that lasts until we start to feel the effects of aging or disease. It is often not until negative consequences occur that patients decide to make lifestyle changes.  

Read more about this trend and suggestions on how to change it here. 

We would love to hear more about what kind of an approach you use in your office and what your results have been – would you consider changing your wording in order to create more approach goals and elicit more positive responses and changes in your patients?


Medisoft Clinical Is Top-Ranked for User-Friendliness

When you read about Medisoft Clinical v17 on our website, you will learn that it is CCHIT certified. CCHIT stands for the Certification Commission for Health Information technology (read: the stamp of approval you want to see on any EHR you consider purchasing). Recently, there was an article posted on the user-friendliness of the EHRs that are on the market. CCHIT deliberately reviews each EHR they evaluate for user-friendliness. Medisoft Clinical v17 has received 5 out of 5 stars!

To view Medisoft Clinical’s product page on CCHIT’s website, click here.

To visit MD Solutions’ product page for Medisoft Clinical, click here.

How “Meaningful Use” Can Be Meaningful to Your Patients

With the final ruling on the ARRA (American Recovery and Reinvestment Act) incentive program coming this past July of 2010, professionals and hospitals learned that they need to not only adopt an EHR to qualify for the incentive, but prove their meaningful use of the EHR within their treatment facility. The requirements for proving meaningful use span from core requirements to additional menu set requirements. The purpose of “meaningful use” is not to add more hurdles to jump over in order to obtain the incentive money, but to provide true benefits to the facilities and patients involved – which is the overall objective of the ARRA HIT program in general.

Theresa Walunas PhD, Director of Operations at the Chicago Health Information Technology Regional Extension Center, described a personal situation involving her father’s healthcare, in which her father almost lost his life due to a situation which could have been avoided with the meaningful use of an EHR system. Read her story here. She describes some of the specific requirements for proving “meaningful use” which would have been helpful in preventing her father’s close call.

Stories like Theresa’s are not rare, and although many patients might not know that it is an EHR system that might have prevented their unfortunate situations, they are wise enough to know that healthcare overall needs better communication and record-keeping. So is the government; hence the reform. Given the incentives the government is providing, the penalties for not doing so, the efficiency it would add to your office, and the benefits for your patients, there is no reason not to implement EHR in your practice.

For those of you who are considering this positive change to your practice, we have included additional information about the things that we’ve discussed today. Below you can find links to the actual requirements for proving meaningful use, as well as a link to the application for registering for the incentive program and pertinent dates you will need to keep in mind.

While we fully encourage you to make the choice that is the best for your particular practice’s needs, we want to remind you that Medisoft Clinical has been approved by CCHIT and is qualified for the ARRA reimbursement. If you would like to discuss how Medisoft Clinical may be able to meet your needs for the incentive, you may visit our website for more information:

Core requirements for professionals

Core requirements for hospitals and critical access hospitals

Visit the CMS website about the incentive programs to find pertinent dates