IT Services

MD Solutions has a dedicated team of professionals experienced and knowledgeable at delivering network and hardware solutions.  We take pride in delivering cost effective solutions for small and mid-sized practices and businesses in the following areas:

           Local area networks (LAN)

            Wide area networks (WAN)

            Remote Access – (working remotely)

            Microsoft based servers, PCs &  periphrials

            Microsoft Software products (MS 2003-2008 Server, Exchange, etc.)

            Hardware setup

            Hardware upgrades and repairs

            DSL implementation

            Firewall and internet access management

            Network design and system specifications

            Cost/Budget analysis and comparisons

            Backup and security solutions

            Virus and spyware solutions

 Most small practices have no formal documentation on how their systems are set up and configured.  This can be costly when something goes wrong.  We have the ability to document all aspects of your network, hardware and software configurations, making it easy to recover when problems occur.

 Call us at 303-273-0141 (toll free 866-273-0141) for an assessment of your system.