Billflash is statement management made easy. With Billflash, all of your statements are managed for you. You have the ability to create and manage your statements with customizable templates, review and approve your documents, and save time and money by letting Billflash print and mail your statements for you. The time you spend creating statements can be reduced by hours. Studies show that payers still overwhelmingly prefer paper statements.

Billflash works by allowing you to upload your billing software’s statements to their service through the internet. This service is available 24 hours a day. They then produce the statements at one of their state of the art facilities and mail them via US Postal Service the next business day. This eliminates the time consuming necessity of stuffing envelopes and assigning postage yourself, allowing you to focus on higher priority tasks.

You also have the option of enrolling in the NCOALink program, which will automatically update the addresses of your patients when they have changed, so that your statements are always delivered correctly. You will receive a report of any and all changed addresses on a regular basis so that you can update your records.

Most importantly, Billflash is and will remain current with all applicable HIPAA regulations so that your practice and patients are never compromised.

Billflash is one more way to make your office run more smoothly with decreased expense and hassle. Setup is quick and easy. Contact MD Solutions to receive more information and get started today!

See a sample statement.