EHR/Medical Practice Management Software for Dermatologists

As a dermatologist or a member of a dermatology practice’s support staff, you understand that time is of the essence. With a high volume of patients in your office every day, you don’t have time to get bogged down with time-consuming administrative tasks.

The Medisoft Clinical dermatology module is aimed at making your day run fluid. While the initial set up and training process may require time, the end result will be well worth it. You will have access to 55 customizable templates including patient letters and consult letters plus much more.

Complex Billing Requirements for Dermatology

Dermatologists must often document multiple lesions in multiple locations for a single patient, and then manage the complex billing requirements that result. Managing the billing associated with procedures and office visit codes on the same date of service is one of the biggest challenges you face. Medisoft Clinical helps you with this challenge through template design and problem list management.

In addition to time management and complicated billing, Medisoft Clinical will help you with other challenges by offering:

  • Template design for quick, accurate documentation of each visit
  • The ability to quickly customize your content to cover all types of dermatological visits (e.g., cosmetic, surgical procedures, etc.)
  • The ability to insert linked or imbedded photographs
  • The ability to annotate images built into the system or photographs
  • Health maintenance patient recall tracking for patients with skin cancer or other conditions in which you wish to recall
  • A complete Patient Education library or the tools to use your own educational material

Reduce Data Entry Error and Note Taking Time

Medisoft Clinical relies on Bright Note Technology™ that uses single-note synchronization to instantly populate patient data across the entire chart. Not only does this save time, but it reduces opportunity for error in managing patients’ charts.

Physicians can choose how to interface with every progress note, whether with a custom designed template, voice recognition technology, digital pen, or dictation. Once the note is complete, it automatically becomes part of the patient’s chart and becomes searchable.

Get Started with Medisoft Clinical

To see how Medisoft Clinical can help you run a dermatology practice smoothly, contact MD Solutions. Our experienced staff will help you choose the right system, set up that system, and provide ongoing support over time.

ARRA Certification

Medisoft ClinicalV17 is now 2011/2012 compliant as was certified as a Complete EHR on December 6, 2010 by the Certification Commission for Health Information Technology (CCHIT®), an ONC-ATCB, in accordance with the applicable certification criteria for eligible providers adopted by the Secretary of Health and Human Services. The certification number is CC-1112-589589-1. ONC-ATCB 2011/2012 certification conferred by CCHIT® does not represent an endorsement of the certified EHR technology by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services nor does it guarantee the receipt of incentive payments.