EHR/Medical Practice Management Software for Occupational Medicine Practices

Most EHR programs do not have the flexibility to produce the results needed for practices in occupational medicine. However, Medisoft Clinical® can give you full flexibility to meet Colorado state requirements. In addition, MD Solutions has already set up the content and workflow for a standard occupational medicine practice. But, of course, we will work with you to customize the solution to work with your specific needs.

Some of the common challenges we see our occupational medicine customers face include:

  • State required M164 form that must be produced at the point of care and sent with the patient and the insurance claim
  • Complex medical histories
  • Documentation requirements dictated by the Department of Labor
  • Threat of reimbursement adjustments if the progress note does not meet department of labor requirements
  • Protected health data that must be documented, but must be segmented from the documentation going to the employer
  • Billing for supplies and medications

Improve Patient Care and Profitability

Medisoft Clinical will seamlessly meet these challenges with content and workflow enhancements that streamline processes and improve patient care and profitability. MD Solutions has refined certain aspects of the system to give you optimum benefit. More specifically, we:

  • Developed and perfected M164 form content.
  • Designed templates that meet the Department of Labor documentation requirements, alleviating the threat of down coding and revenue loss.
  • Took advantage of template designs that easily incorporate supplies and medications both in the progress note and billing data.
  • Will work with you to create medical history templates to ensure you capture every aspect of your patient’s complex medical histories. You can rely on dictation using word recognition software such as Dragon Medical, which fully integrates into Medisoft Clinical.

You can trust that all health data is protected behind password secured tabs and is segmented from the documentation sent to the employer.

Reduce Data Entry Error and Note Taking Time

Medisoft Clinical relies on Bright Note Technology™ that uses single-note synchronization to instantly populate patient data across the entire chart. Not only does this save time, but it reduces opportunity for error in managing patients’ charts.

Physicians can choose how to interface with every progress note, whether with a custom designed template, voice recognition technology, digital pen, or dictation. Once the note is complete, it automatically becomes part of the patient’s chart and becomes searchable.

MD Solutions Works in Colorado and Beyond

Are you an occupational medicine practice outside of Colorado? With the flexibility of Medisoft Clinical and the expert staff at MD Solutions, we can easily meet the department of labor requirements in your state. Contact us for details.