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We believe that most medical practice software, whether it is practice management or electronic medical records, will fail the staff at a physician’s office if the proper customer support does not back it up. That’s why MD Solutions takes customer support seriously.

Our support philosophy is simple: If you have a question, we will support it. That means if you have questions regarding billing practices, Medisoft or Medisoft Clinical technical or “how to” questions, or issues with printers computers or networks, we have the expertise on staff to get you the answers you need.

Note that “how to” questions may be more involved and may require more time than what can allot in a support call. In those cases, our in-house trainer will set an appointment with you to provide more detailed assistance.

We offer expert onsite, help desk, and training support on the following products:

  • Medisoft Patient Accounting (all versions back to DOS)
  • Medisoft Clinical and all ancillary products
  • Office Hours Professional
  • Medisoft Advanced Reports
  • Revenue Management claims processing module
  • Phoenix claims processing module
  • RelayHealth Clearinghouse
  • Optum/Ingenix/ENS Clearinghouse
  • Availity Clearinghouse
  • Computer and network support

Support Staff

MD Solutions has the following skill sets on staff:

  • Microsoft certified professional with more than eight years of Medisoft technical experience and Medisoft database expertise.
  • Help Desk specialist with a Microsoft background. Previously supported a medical specialty firm with 50 plus users. Also supported both the billing system and the electronic medical records system at the firm and even filled in when needed in the billing department.
  • Additional Help Desk support staff with more than nine years of Medisoft and Medisoft Clinical experience
  • Software trainer with medical and technical background and experience in multiple different healthcare settings.
  • Two AAPC certified medical coders who have more than 15 years of combined experience with Medisoft

With this background and experience, we can support your needs from the medical business view point as well as the software/technical perspective. Our mastery of the business and technical element is unique in the industry and positions MD Solutions as a clear choice for supporting your needs.

Support Options

MD Solutions offers a number of support options to best suit your needs from onsite to direct phone support to remote access. We employ a number of tools for remote access that will allow us to view your desktop from our help center. Remote access is the most efficient tool available to quickly diagnose your issue and to offer the best course of action.

Because of our unique philosophy on what we will support, we offer unique support packages. We do not have “unlimited” support packages. Most unlimited support packages are for technical issues and do not cover “how to.” What’s more, these packages expire at a specified time. For those customers with minimal usage, unlimited support is a bad deal when that time expires. In addition, unlimited support packages are priced at a high rate to cover customers that use the service heavily.

All reported issues are tracked in our support system. This allows us to prioritize, track open/closed issues, and assign whether that issue is billable to support or no charge. As a rule of thumb, all reported issues are marked as billable. All calls are typically handled in order of calls received. However, certain issues are moved ahead in the queue based on the severity of the issue and impact on operations or reimbursements. We ask that issues be honestly reported as to the nature of impact so that we can queue the call correctly.

Our support rates are based on blocks of time purchased. The more time you purchase, the lower the rate. There is no expiration date on time purchased. Once time is on your account, it is yours until it has been used up. And as long as there is time on the account, we will support any issue posed to us. You are covered whether it is a simple “how to” question or whether we need to come onsite to assist. You get exactly what you paid for.

Call our office at 303-273-0141 or toll free at 866-273-0141 to get started. For a copy of our support packages, click here.

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