MD Solutions offers a wide range of training options for both Medisoft and Medisoft Clinical.  Location options include remote training, in your office, or in our training lab.  We employ the options that best maximize results and client training dollars.  We have devoted our own in-house 9 seat computer training lab to facilitating these training sessions.

The core of our training is centered on our BLine System™ (hyperlink to the BLine System).  All training is targeted based on our BLine Assessment™, with clear goals established and set prior to the training session.  This process focuses the training, which maximizes your staffs time, resources, and investment.

Examples of our many topics for focused training:

  • Accounts receivable management and maximization (Medisoft Training)
  • Managing patient responsibility (Medisoft Training)
  • Advanced Patient Accounting Training-Beyond the Basics (Medisoft Training)
  • Maximizing Final Draft (Medisoft Training)
  • Adjusting workflow and documentation for Meaningful Use (Medisoft Clinical Training)
  • Maximizing template design in Medisoft Clinical electronic medical records (Medisoft Clinical Training)
  • Maximizing Health Maintenance (Medisoft Clinical Training)


Our trainers have over 40 years of combined healthcare and clinical experience.  Our employees’ qualifications include a CPC Certified Medical Coder, years of managing a healthcare practice, and management of a large billing service.  We have the experience, knowledge, and care that can get your practice where it needs to be.

Call us at 303-273-0141 (toll free 866-273-0141) to discuss your needs.  We will assess and present a solution that will meet your specific needs and goals.